Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity


Dr. Emmanuel Rowe

International Dir. of Education

The Education Program stands as a testament to the Fraternity’s enduring commitment to advancing excellence in education and community impact. Originating from the transformative 1945 Conclave in St. Louis, Missouri, this program evolved into an international initiative, reflecting the Fraternity’s belief in education as a foundation for success. Recognizing the interconnectedness of education and community well-being, our initiatives extend beyond individual academic pursuits to make a positive impact at the broader societal level.

Outlined below are the distinguished Education and Scholastic Achievement programs and initiatives slated for the 2023-2025 period:

Scholarship stands as a cornerstone among the triad of guiding principles upheld by Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. It is incumbent upon every chapter to embrace and foster this ideal, recognizing that providing educational opportunities is not merely an option but an essential mandate. This principle is meticulously designed to amplify Phi Beta Sigma's influence in educational support, specifically aiming to alleviate the financial burdens faced by African American men. By awarding scholarships at both the high school and collegiate levels, Phi Beta Sigma demonstrates its unwavering commitment to nurturing these young men's academic and professional futures, thereby contributing significantly to the broader objective of educational advancement within our communities.

The initiative has been thoughtfully crafted to engage our Brothers directly within the educational institutions of our community. This endeavor seeks to position such involvement as a series of value-added activities, with a twofold objective: to enhance student literacy and to accumulate educational service hours. Furthermore, this approach is aimed at augmenting male presence within schools, thereby solidifying our commitment to the educational upliftment of our community's youth. Through this strategic engagement, we aspire to deliver substantial benefits to both our members and the students we aim to support, underlining our dedication to fostering an environment of learning and development.

The Literacy Initiative is a strategic response to the disproportionately low literacy rates observed among African American third graders. Targeting students in the K-5 age group, this program is designed to implement evidence-based literacy interventions that foster reading proficiency and comprehension skills from an early age. The initiative aims to bridge the educational gap and ensure a solid groundwork for future academic success and lifelong learning by concentrating efforts on foundational literacy. Through a combination of tailored tutoring, culturally relevant materials, and engaging literacy activities, Phi Beta Sigma seeks to uplift young learners, empowering them with the critical reading skills necessary for their academic journey and beyond. This initiative underscores Phi Beta Sigma's commitment to educational equity and the intellectual empowerment of African American communities.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Phi Beta Sigma's STEM initiative directly addresses the critical shortage of hands-on STEM learning experiences for underrepresented youths, a gap where traditional education models often do not suffice. Our initiative offers immersive learning opportunities designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in higher education and careers within the STEM fields. STEM education, underpinned by Standards of Practice, integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content with essential behaviors such as inquiry, logical reasoning, and collaborative investigation. This approach aims to prepare students for advanced study and the demands of the 21st-century workforce.

The Testing Initiative offers a targeted suite of workshops designed to enhance educational and professional outcomes for youth. This includes college application guidance, ACT/SAT preparation, and study skills development, ensuring students are well-equipped for academic success. Expanding its reach, the initiative also encompasses graduate and professional school preparation, providing resources and support for advanced education pathways. The goal is to deliver crucial support to students at various educational levels, affirming the fraternity's dedication to nurturing future leaders and professionals.

The initiative is structured to provide culturally relevant educational support across U.S. military installations and communities outside the continental United States. Its primary aim is to narrow educational gaps by thoughtfully adapting its resources to local needs and overcoming challenges such as limited access to technology. Through this deliberate approach, the initiative seeks to guarantee equitable educational opportunities, thus cultivating an inclusive learning atmosphere that honors and accommodates the varied backgrounds and situations of its beneficiaries.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.'s initiative for education and public health advocacy underscores its commitment to ensuring equal educational opportunities for all. This targeted program mobilizes both collegiate and alumni chapters to engage in advocacy efforts, including participation in educational forums and direct engagement with policymakers on educational and public health issues. Recognizing the intrinsic link between education and health outcomes, the initiative aims to influence policy, promote community awareness, and improve access to education and health resources. 

The Debate and Oratorical Competition is designed to engage students in thought-provoking activities, which if appropriately implemented, will lead to skill development in reading, research, vocabulary, thinking protocols, and speaking. It will additionally develop confidence in public speaking and their self-concept. Students will benefit from the support of Sigma Brothers assisting them as they find success in these new and challenging set of activities. The resources used to develop this guide included templates of the Phi Beta Sigma International Debate and Oratorical Competition, developed by Brother Guilbert A. Dailey, and the National Forensic League’s National Operations Manual.

Art, a crucial medium for expression and cultural reflection, is at the heart of our Art Competition Initiative, aimed at nurturing creativity and showcasing talent. This initiative invites submissions in various 2D formats, including photography, painting (acrylic, oil, watercolor), and drawing (pencil, charcoal, ink, marker, pastel), on surfaces like canvas, fabric, paper, Masonite, wood, and plastic. By excluding metal surfaces, carvings, and sculptures, we focus on accessibility and inclusivity, celebrating the diverse perspectives and artistic visions within our community. This program emphasizes the significance of art in fostering dialogue and personal growth.