Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

Social Action

Malwan Johnson

International Dir. Social Action

In 1934, Bro. Elmo M. Anderson called for the reconstruction of the social order while fighting against anti-lynching practices.  Today, Social Action is the heartbeat of our beloved fraternity and we should continue to honor our dear Bro. Anderson through meaningful and measurable activities.  Our communities need strong leadership with a clear BOLD vision and message from our great fraternity.  We need to continue to be the voice for the voiceless and work in the communities we serve to drive the most impact. We also need to ensure that we have a lens of equity when it comes to the partnerships that we have established.   Our Social Action program is segmented into four focus areas:  Brotherhood for Justice Reform, Healthy Communities, Safe Communities, and Voting Empowerment.  The Social Action programs for 2023 – 2025 are:

Honors and pays tribute to Honorable Brother John R. Lewis, civil rights activist who served in the United States House of Representatives for Georgia’s 5th congressional district from 1987 to 2020. The program shall occur the first weekend in March, commemorating “Bloody Sunday,” when in 1965, hundreds of people marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama to fight for voting and civil rights of African Americans, only to be attacked and met with unjust violence.

The purpose is to positively impact his country’s voting culture by increasing participation in elections amongst people of color and marginalized communities with an emphasis on African American males.

Each year Phi Beta Sigma Chapters are encouraged to convene at their respective state capitols to engage their elected government officials and representatives to discuss issues and legislation that affect the communities we serve.

The purpose is to raise money for Autism research, increase knowledge for Autism, screening and treatment considerations.

The purpose is to bring awareness, educating communities of color on what human trafficking is, why it matters, who it affects and how it operates.

Building Stronger Community-Police Relations is necessary to bridge the existing divide between communities and law enforcement by fostering open dialogue and mutual understanding, it aims to build stronger, more trusting relationships that are crucial for effective community policing and public safety.

Our objective is to strategically immerse ourselves in the core of local, state and international issues as we build social and political awareness, socio-political leadership capacity, and socio-political action across all Phi Beta Sigma geographic regions.

The purpose of this initiative is to change the voting culture by increasing participation in each election by helping to close the race and age gap within our prospective communities and insure that more males are participating in the voting process.

This initiative assists returning citizens facing significant barriers to society reintegration and expunge or seal criminal records, affording a fresh start in society.

The program is necessary due to low-income communities not getting the necessary resources of food on a regular basis. A bi-monthly grocery give away will supplement these families to cut food cost to devote funds to other essential resources in their household.

Build a Bridge Between Law Enforcement and Communities of Color

The purpose of this initiative is to encourage and provide a platform for communities of color and law enforcement officers to work together.

The purpose is to provide resources to the community and facilitate events and dialog between communities of color and law enforcement agencies and officers.

The initiative’s purpose if to bring awareness to gun violence, safety and training in the community.

The initiative’s purpose is to educate voters on the candidates, the processes to create a more informed electorate by facilitating forums for local and state candidates to voice their platforms on political issues and direction for our communities of color.

The program’s purpose is to create varying levels of engagement opportunities increasing the awareness of various mental health initiatives or causes resulting in a sustainable mental health eco-system within Phi Beta Sigma.

The program’s purpose is to advocate for and persuade social determinants of health to drive the need for early detention of prostate cancer in communities of color.

In support of the American Red Cross, the purpose is to donate blood, sponsor blood drives and increase advocacy and awareness of the need for African Americans to donate blood.

The purpose is to increase knowledge of prostate cancer, raise money for research, screening and treatment considerations.

Chapters are encouraged to develop plans and programs for participants that help “challenge” and modify behavior that engages healthy fitness practices and. combat and bring awareness to the racial disparities in health in the U.S.

The purpose is to increase knowledge of Sickle Cell Disease, screening and treatment and access to treatments that improve quality of life of people with blood donation, bone marrow donation registry and financial support for partners.

Social Action Partnerships

For decades Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity maintained strong relationships with leading community organizations.